List of products by brand Besantek

Besantek BST-LT03
AC Leakage Clamp Meter, AC 200V / AC 600V (0.1V/1V Resolutions)
$ 281.75
Besantek BST-ET104
4-Wire Ground Resistance Tester with Resistivity Test, USB to RS-232 Data Transmission
$ 419.75
Besantek BST-CM270
AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter, 750V/1000V AC/DC, 2000A
$ 132.25
Besantek BST-LT04
AC Leakage Clamp Meter, AC/DC 600V, 1V Resolution
$ 293.25
Besantek BST-IT112
Industrial High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester, 5000V DC Test Voltage, 1 TΩ
$ 170.20
Besantek BST-DL115
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with External Probe
$ 419.75
Besantek BST-MG09
Heavy Duty Multi-Gas Leak Detector for CH4 / LEL, O2, H2S, and CO
$ 448.50